Raízen is one of the world's most competitive energy sector companies. We invest in innovation, technology and the talent of almost 30,000 employees to create sustainable solutions that contribute to the economic development of Brazil in an ethical manner, with respect for people and the environment, adhering to values and standards of conduct  that are consistent with our leading position.
Created from the amalgamation of portions of the businesses of both Shell and Cosan, we have grown as a single company with expertise and broad market penetration. We are one of the largest companies in terms of revenue and among the top three largest fuel distributors in Brazil. We are the leading manufacturer of sugarcane ethanol in the country and the single largest exporter of sugarcane to the international market.

We have a fully integrated process for the sugar-energy industry, working at all of the stages: sugarcane cultivation, sugar and ethanol production, internal logistics, exportation, distribution and marketing.
We're also committed to renewable power-generating alternatives for the energy matrix; making constant investments in technology, research and development. With this focus, we are, for example, producing bioelectricity from sugarcane by-products, reusing a portion of these by-products to produce second generation ethanol. It is one of our company's biggest goals – to offer the energy of the future today!
As the licensee of the Shell brand in Brazil, our portfolio includes high-quality fuels, as well as service stations and convenience stores located throughout Brazil.
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