Performance Fronts


It is not real development if it is not sustainable. Raízen's growth depends on environmental preservation and the energy of many people – employees and general society. We also know how much communities and nature depend on us. Therefore, social and environmental responsibility are the basis of the company's strategic pillars, permeating all stages of production and commercial processes.


The concern with sustainability lies in our roots: from planting sugarcane to fuel distribution, from serving customers and suppliers, to the education and safety of employees and surrounding communities. This means managing impacts and enhancing relationships by promoting joint development.

Risk Management

We map the entire flow of our facilities, seeking to develop solutions that contribute to the evolution of our processes.

Social Transformation

Through the work carried out by the Raízen Foundation, we work in the shaping of children and young people, which offers education, professional training, social inclusion, and citizenship for children and adolescents.

In addition, we promote vocational projects that prepare people from the community in courses taught by educational institutions, such as SENAI, SENAC, Federal Institutes, and Raízen internal instructors.

Governance of Incentive Funds

We act through the governance of incentive funds and support social transformation projects that generate positive societal impacts. We direct the best use of incentive laws through personalized ranking software and multidisciplinary committee reviews for selection and approval of sponsorship and social investment projects.

Part of our work is the allocation of a portion of the company's Income Tax to the Municipal Fund for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FUMCAD in Portuguese), Municipal Fund for the Elderly (IMF in Portuguese), PRONON and PRONAS (National Cancer Care Program) – PcD (National Program for Attention to Persons with Disabilities). These allocations support local institutions for foster care, inclusion, and education.

Employee Engagement

We develop projects aimed at involving employees in citizenship activities and social participation in all of Raízen's productive units, prioritizing themes that benefit society and are that are aligned to the business.

Submit Your project

Are you interested in us investing in your project? Fill out our evaluation form. Upon completion, our customized software will rank sponsored projects and social investments that were sent according to our terms, strategies, risks, and opportunities. Afterwards, the project will be analyzed by a multidisciplinary committee, involving leadership, in the selection and approval of initiatives aligning with our values and our communities' needs.