• Shell Open Air

    With 325 square meters, our screen is the protagonist of the biggest and most beautiful open air cinema of the world. This is a premium lifestyle experience, where the allure of classic movies and blockbusters is also combined with fine food, wine and shows.

    • Duration:
      08/31/2017 to 08/31/2018

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  • The Girl from Ipanema, The Musical

    Set in the 60s, during the rise of bossa nova, a musical movement which values the beauty, contemplation and enjoyment of life. This is the scenario which will serve as a backdrop for the complicated romance between a poor girl from the suburbs and a typically well off boy from the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro.

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  • Se Eu Pudesse Mudar o Mundo (If I Could Change the World)

    The If I Could Change the World project promotes environmental education through a theatrical piece, where the stage is the Fazenda Santo Antonio (Santo Antonio Farm) prepared for an ecological tour through nature. 10 presentations will be performed for students from 10 cities in the Elias Fausto region, benefitting a thousand children. 

  • Arte do Bem

    The Arte do Bem project promotes musical shows which mix classical music with Pop Rock. The aim of the project is to popularize classical music and help create audiences for symphony orchestras. All of the income is destined for the Boldrini Infant Center, a philanthropic hospital that treats children and adolescents with cancer. 


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  • Um Passe para a educação (A Pass for education)

    A Pass for education is a project which uses soccer as a tool for social change for youngsters from the community of Paraisópolis, Sao Paulo. During the project the children received nutritional reinforcement, transport, nutritional and dental care and sports equipment

  • Taubaté Handball

    A social inclusion project through handball, for 300 underprivileged children in the Taubaté region, aimed at promoting civic awareness and social economic development.

  • The future of Golf

    A project for the development of high performance athletes in GOLF. The project has 12 athletes from 13 to 21 years of age who show great potential development in the sport. The athletes undergo training and psychological, nutritional and physical monitoring.  


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  • Energy on Stage

    Energy on Stage promotes theatrical presentations in public schools for pre-school, elementary and high school students. Four campaigns are carried out in 35 cities in the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Minas Gerais, benefitting more than 90 thousand students.

  • Amigo dos Meninos Association – AME - Esteio/RS

    AME is a full time shelter for children and adolescents who have had their rights threatened and/or violated. The shelter has a capacity for 15 children of both sexes and seeks complete protection, meeting all the basic needs of those being housed.AME is a full time shelter for children and adolescents who have had their rights threatened and/or violated. The shelter has a capacity for 15 children of both sexes and seeks complete protection, meeting all the basic needs of those being housed.  

  • GRAAC - Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer– São Paulo/SP

    GRAACC is a non-profit institution, created to guarantee that children and adolescents with cancer have the right to all the possibilities of cure with quality of life. The hospital treats around 3000 patients annually.

    Project supported: The effect of bone marrow transplants without the use of radiotherapy in patients less than 5 years of age.


  • Karting

    Inspired by European programs which take young karters to the top categories, such as F-1, the Shell Racing Academy of Drivers is a unique initiative in Brazil promoted by Raízen to ensure support for young motor racing revelations and help their future steps in motorsport. 

    • Duration:
      01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017
  • Brazilian Touring Car Racing

    Known for being the training ground for drivers aiming for Stock Car, the Brazilian Touring Car championship aims to work with training new drivers. In the Brazilian Touring Car Championship, Shell Racing count on the driver Dennis Dirani, vice-champion in the same category last year, in what was his debut season. 

    • Duration:
      01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017
  • Stock Car

    The Shell Racing team participates with two cars in Stock Car racing, the biggest motorsport category in Brazil, which had its first season in 1979. For the 2017 season, Shell racing will have Ricardo Zonta and Átila Abreu as their drivers. 

    • Duration:
      01/01/2017 to 12/31/2017

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  • Fórmula 3

    A category with the purpose of training drivers for single-seaters, F-3 is one of the main training steps for new talent worldwide. In 2016, Shell Racing was present in the category represented by Yirik Carvalho, a member of the Academy of Drivers created by Raízen.

  • Super Kart Brazil

    Super Kart Brazil joined with the Sao Paulo State Kart Championship for the 2015 season and Raízen, through Shell, is the new sponsor of the competition. The SKB Shell V-Power is disputed by eight categories: Cadets, Junior Minor, Junior, Graduates, Sprinter, Shifter, Senior and Super 

  • Brazilian Touring Car Championship

    The Brazilian Touring Car Championship is a Brazilian motor racing category. The championship is disputed over 8 stages on the major racetracks in Brazil, with 2 races per stage, totaling 16 races at the end of the season. 

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