Shell V-Power Ethanol is the only Premium ethanol on the market. Developed exclusively for the Brazilian market, the fuel has been tested on flex-fuel engines in the Mauá Institute of Technology, in Brazil, and in Shell’s European laboratories. As with the gasoline version, Shell V-Power Ethanol comes with the Shell DNA, an exclusive formula of Shell fuels, which ensures and confirms the quality and origin of our fuels.

Its cleaning formula protects and improves engine response of flex fuel vehicles. It contains an FMT (Friction Modification Technology) component, which optimizes the lubrication of the fuel, protecting and reducing friction between the moving parts of the engine which come into contact with the fuel.

Shell V-Power Ethanol is the official Stock Car fuel, the main category of Brazilian motorsport. Since 2011, the fuel has provided the race cars the best performance with greater protection for the engine. You can find the same fuel from the tracks at the Shell service stations.

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