Shell V-Power Nitro+ is the latest premium gasoline from Shell, developed in technical partnership with Ferrari for immediate action on the engine of your car. With the origin guaranteed by the Shell DNA, it uses technology similar to that employed in the fuels used by the Italian Formula 1 team. Dedicated to revitalize the engine performance of your car, the premium gasoline provides better exploitation of energy and offers improved acceleration at the moment when you need it the most.

Its exclusive formula contains Friction Modification Technology (FMT), an agent which reduces friction, designed to reduce wear between the moving parts of the engine which come into contact with the fuel. It provides greater protection and enables the motor of your car to run in its best condition for longer.


Its active cleaning formula with detergent and dispersant actions avoids the formation of deposits and keeps the collectors, valves and fuel injector nozzles clean. This technology is also capable of removing the residues left behind by other fuels. The high cleaning power of Shell V-Power Nitro+ helps to enhance the performance of your vehicle’s engine.


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