Raízen's Annual Report is our most comprehensive communication with different target audiences. In it, we bring information on our results, key initiatives, advances and operational challenges and all other aspects related to the sustainability of business. Through this document, Raízen reaffirms its transparency and renders accounts of the economic, environmental and social factors of its operations to all its stakeholders.

For the development of this document, we followed the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which allows you to compare the performance and monitor the evolution of sustainability among companies all over the world that adopt this methodology.

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We emphasize that from the crop year 2015/2016, the Sustainability Report was presented as an Annual Report.

Annual Report 2016/2017

The 2016/2017 Annual Report brings the main highlights of Raízen. It presents to all of its stakeholders its achievements, challenges and performance in the economic, environmental and social aspects, such as financial record of cash generation, inauguration of the Pulse – innovation hub, record market share in the sector of fuel, launch of the Shell Box – application for payment and promotions at gas stations and among others.


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Annual Report 2015/2016

For the first time, Raizen’s Annual Report is in digital format. Highlights of the 2015/2016 crop year are: shorter offshoring, efficiency and productivity gains, import and export record and more.


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Sustainability Report 2014/2015

Raízen's fourth Sustainability Report contains indicators and reports of the highlights, achievements, and challenges of the 2014/2015 crop year. It is the first to follow the new version of the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-G4).

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Sustentability Report 2013/2014

The third Sustainability Report corresponds to the financial year 2013/2014 and presents Raízen’s business model, as well as its results for the economic, social and financial areas of the company.

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Sustainability Report 2012/2013

Raízen’s second Sustainability Report 2012/2013 was prepared based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and presents the indicators for the period relating to all areas of the company’s business activities.

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Sustainability Report 2011/2012

The first Raízen Sustainability Report presents the company strategy, Mission and Vison in an institutional format, focused on our social, environmental and economic performance.

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Exportações Fraudulentas de Açúcar

A Raízen alerta seus clientes e público em geral sobre tentativa de terceiros não autorizados realizarem exportações fraudulentas de açúcar em seu nome. Reforçamos que o canal de comunicação com a empresa é o e-mail sugar.export@raizen.com e que não anunciamos açúcar no site alibaba.com.

Caso qualquer pessoa e/ou empresa faça contato por e-mail diverso informando que representa a Raízen, e/ou qualquer empresa do seu grupo econômico, para exportação de açúcar, não realize a transação e informe imediatamente para Auditoria.Interna@raizen.com.


Sugar Fraudulent Exports

Raízen warns your clients and the general public about the attempt by unauthorized third parties to perform sugar fraudulent exports on its behalf. We emphasize that the communication channel with company is the e-mail sugar.export@raizen.com and that we do not advertise sugar on web site alibaba.com.

If any person and/or company makes contact by other e-mail informing that he or she represents Raízen, and/or any company of Raízen’s economic group, concerning sugar exports, do not perform the transaction and immediately report to Auditoria.Interna@raizen.com.