Chain Responsibility

Chain Responsibility

We have an extensive chain, from the planting of sugarcane to fuel distribution, and therefore, we promote an integrated chain with optimized processes. We nurture the sustainability of the sugarcane supply chain, especially strategically, regardless of the origin of the raw material. Therefore, we have sustainability programs that already cover more than 95% of the sugarcane that supplies our entire operation. We work in strategic partnerships with third-party suppliers, and work together towards best practices, building a broad-based sustainable awareness, assisting and providing ongoing support.


When speaking of cultivation and agricultural production, our monitoring begins with drones making an aerial analysis of the planting area. Then, the agricultural team planners map out the best planting sites, seeking to maximize soil conservation and operational sustainability. Mineral and organic fertilizers are used to ensure healthy seedling growth. In this process, the best technology is used to control growth, identify possible problems, and mitigate damages that may occur. Within a year, the sugarcane will be ready to be harvested with an efficient and optimized system and can go to industry, where a new process begins.

Bonsucro Certification

We were the first company in the world to be certified under the Bonsucro standard, an international and voluntary certification dedicated to raising the sugarcane industry's sustainability. The standard consists of a rigorous process of external audits in order to ensure compliance with the highest environmental, social, and economic criteria for the cultivation and processing of sugarcane and its by-products. Every year we certify new units and we will continue at this pace – currently 21 of our 26 plants are already certified. The Bonsucro standard reflects responsible and sustainable management, and this is the message we want to pass along.