Our Roots

|GRI 102-2, 102-6, 102-7|

We are one of the largest private corporate groups in Brazil, and we stand out for our integrated operations throughout the sugarcane chain and fuel trading. What differentiates us is our team with nearly 30,000 employees and 15,000 business partners, always guided by ethics, safety and sustainability.


Who we are

We offer different forms of energy to mobilize people and boost business for today and tomorrow.

Energy is the ability to generate action. It is what mobilizes people, boosts business, and transforms the world. More than the focus of our business, energy is the purpose of everything we do. So, we have it in our name: Raíz (root) + energy = Raízen. ||GRI 102-1|

We integrate all stages of the production chain: cultivation of raw material, production and sale of sugar and ethanol, cogeneration of electricity, and fuel distribution.

Through the license of the Shell brand, we market fuels at stations, airports, and on the B2B (business to business) market. Our operations also include the convenience stores under the Shell Select brand in our portfolio at the service stations, which offer a differentiated consumer experience.

We also invest in technology, research, and development of renewable energy alternatives toward our main goal: to offer, today, the energy of the future.

To achieve all this, we have nearly 30,000 employees and 15,000 business partners (sugarcane producers, suppliers, carriers, and dealers) who work, together with us, to find solutions that create value along the way. |GRI 102-7, 102-8|

Shareholding Structure |GRI 102-5|




Operations |GRI 102-2, 102-6|

We combine cutting-edge technology with renewable raw materials.


Great numbers |GRI 102-4, 102-6, 102-7|

Operations in all Brazilian states.



hectares of cultivated area.

26 production units

2 of which were recently acquired (Paraíso and Santa Cândida).
Installed capacity to crush

73 million

tons of sugarcane per year.


second-generation ethanol plant (E2G) ─ which we are one of the first companies in the world to produce.


production units with Bonsucro –


certified in 2017/2018.


fuel bases at airports.


fuel distribution terminals.
Infrastructure to distribute

5 billion

liters of fuel per month.


commercial offices –


in Brazil and


abroad (United States, Switzerland, Singapore, and the Philippines).


service stations under the Shell brand.


Shell Select convenience stores.


clients in the B2B segment.


Production (2017/2108)


2.1 billion

liters of ethanol.

12 million

liters of E2G.

4.3 million

tons of sugar.

940 MW

of total installed capacity.


Trading (2017/2018)

4.3 billion

liters of ethanol.

3.9 TWh

of electricity.

4.7 million

tons of sugar.

BRL 7.1 billion

of adjusted EBITDA in 2017/2018.

BRL 10.3 billion

in consolidated value added in the period.

Nearly 30,000

employees distributed throughout the country.


business partners mobilized on our team.


students and

4 million

people served by the Raízen Foundation since 2012.

Ethical conduct |GRI 102-16, 103-2|

Doing the right thing and inspiring by example.

We promote ethics in the work environment through our Compliance Program. The initiative is led by representatives of the Internal Audit, Compliance, Legal, Corporate Controls, Communication, Human Resources, Shared Services Center, Sustainability, and Business areas ─ members of the Raízen Compliance Group ─ and monitored by the Audit Committee.

Our Code of Conduct is the primary tool for guiding employees and partners on the proper way of being Raízen, which embraces the values of integrity, transparency, and respect for life. The document establishes rules, standards, and behaviors necessary to achieving, together, the business objectives.

We also share the Anti-Corruption Guide, prepared based on our Policy on Combating Bribery and Corruption, which seeks to ensure transparency in business relationships and with public administration agents. We also contribute to the healthy development of the industry through legal competition ─ positioning ensured by our Competitive Compliance Policy. In addition, training is provided to clarify the issues covered in institutional initiatives.

Any violation of the Code of Conduct, internal policies, or legislation may be sent to the Ethics Channel, accessed through the toll-free number 0800-772-4936 or by e-mail canaldeetica@raizen.com. Messages are received by an independent company ─ in order to protect the confidentiality of the complainant – evaluated by the Internal Audit and sent to our Ethics Committee.

Click here to learn more and here for more information on ethics and integrity in our operations. |GRI 205-1, 205-2, 205-3, 206-1, 307-1, 419-1|

Governance structure |GRI 102-18, 103-2|

We have in place a solid corporate governance structure, with practices adopted and improved since our inception.


  • Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan: approve the business strategy, decide on the allocation of profit and distribution of dividends, elect the members of the Board of Directors, define the remuneration of Board members and Directors, and other responsibilities.

More information on shareholders, voting rights and convening of meetings are detailed in our Bylaws.

Board of Directors

  • Collegial deliberation body, responsible for setting out general business policies and long-term strategy.
  • Supported by the Finance, Audit, Remuneration and Development, and Corporate Social Responsibility committees.

Executive Board

  • Responsible for directly running the business, including applying policies and guidelines established by the Board of Directors.
  • Composed of at least four and at most eight members: a Chief Executive Officer, an Operations Officer, a Chief Financial Officer, a Managing Director, and others without specific titles.
  • Executives are appointed by the Board members for three-year terms ─ with the exception of the CEO who has a two-year term ─ re-election is permitted.

More information about the Board of Directors and the Executive Board is available here and on the Reference Form.

Our culture |GRI 102-16|

What unites us got even stronger.

We continue to evolve, delivering increasingly better results, creating business opportunities and working in a unique and integrated manner. In 2017/2018, we strengthened our culture with elements that prepare us for the future and translate our way of generating energy in order to mobilize people and boost business.

To this end, we break down our beliefs into four simple behaviors, showing the best we have to offer: our ROOTS (RAÍZ). It is an evolution that reveals our ability to look toward the long term, develop people, identify challenges and opportunities, and create value along the way - among ourselves and with all those who trail our path.