We are an integrated energy company that relies on a team that makes the difference |GRI 103-2, 103-3|

The secret of our energy lies with each of our 29,000 employees. We want to attract and retain in our team people who are committed to ethics and teamwork. For this audience, we develop programs, campaigns and actions to achieve business objectives and professional development. In April 2019, we were listed for another year among the 25 companies where Brazilians dream of working and building a career, according to LinkedIn Top Companies 2019. We ranked seventh in the overall ranking and are, being the only company in the energy industry included in this list. This recognition reflects our initiatives towards attraction, training, safety and attainment of business objectives. |GRI 102-7|

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Focus on the development of our people, applied and shared attitudes and best practices that meet short- and long-term deadlines are our fuel to sustain growth. Our way of being and doing translates into four behaviors:


We launched the new Talent Attraction Platform. With a dynamic and intuitive interface, the tool facilitates our talent recruitment processes. For leaders, technology makes the selection process even more transparent; for the attraction and selection team, the improvements streamlined the stages; and for applicants, it strengthens our image as an employer while narrowing the relationship with feedback on progress of processed—on a dashboard tailored to the user profile.

The Trainee program called + De Olho no Futuro (+ Eye on the Future), started in January 2018, is one of the ways to join our team. The purpose of the initiative is to streamline the development of participants. In addition to the Trainee Program, we have the Internal Talent Development Program. We currently have 41 talents who, by July 2019, will undergo online and classroom training as well as mentoring with our leaders. The classroom modules total to 152 hours of training and qualification, addressing topics such as intelligence and collaborative work, innovation culture and digitization, empowerment at work and design thinking tools. In the crop year alone, 15% of participants advanced to strategic positions.

Another gateway is the Internship Program, whose purpose is to offer a unique learning experience in our various areas and locations. The trail of development is supported by four pillars: behaviors of Our Raiz (Roots), tools and methodologies, knowledge of the business and experience in the area of operation. In this way, it is possible to contribute to training participants, preparing them for the future. The online modules address topics related to culture and job skills. On the other hand, classroom training, which started in October 2018, totals more than 400 participations and 18 training hours.

In December 2018, a total of 220 trainees from all over the country joined Raízen Creathon, a marathon of projects held in Piracicaba (SP). The focus of the event was to offer a conceptual and practical contribution of project creation and problem solving tools, addressing innovation and prototypes of ideas connected to megatrends, such as the need for clean energy and the digital revolution. Twenty ideas were presented to leaders, three of which stood out and were awarded.


Throughout the 2018/2019 crop year, we focused on promoting greater gender equality in our team. To this end, we rely on the guidelines from the Diversity Committee, which brings together executives and employees from different areas and hierarchical levels. In this sense, discussions were conducted in order to understand how to attract women and, thus, balance the workforce.

As examples of practices adopted, we implemented the guideline to involve, in the final stages of hiring a new employee, the same ratio between candidates of both genders. We also launched the 180-day maternity leave as an improvement of the benefit provided by law.

Doing today with an eye on tomorrow, we also held the Career Week, an action geared toward female university students, during which we presented our strategic planning, our business fronts and, especially, the Talent Program, aiming to attract women to our team of trainees. In 2018/2019, we received 11 young women at our facilities.

We also conducted initiatives to include People with Disabilities (PwD), which consisted in forming a database of resumes so that this audience can be called on by the Human Resources Department when job openings become available.

More information on diversity of staff can be found here. |GRI 405-1|

Training and development

During the crop year, we created Raízen University, an initiative that will integrate the learning and development actions of all areas. Thus, the structure now has six academies, strategically connected to the challenges of the markets in which we operate.

At each academy, there are schools that delve into topics according to the individual development trail. However, some of these topics are prerequisites for everyone: Health, Safety and Environment (HSE); Our Raiz; and Ethics and Sustainability. There is also the Continuing Education Center, which encourages the continuous self-development of our team. Through training and experience, we will promote exchange and integration between different areas of knowledge.

Raízen University

One of the highlights in the crop year was the launch of the program called Ampliando Nossa Liderança (Expanding Our Leadership), whose objective is to continue building our leadership with an initiative based on the elements of Our Raiz. There were three modules, which relied on the engagement of the Senior Management and of managers, coordinators and supervisors of all areas. Among the issues addressed, the following stand out: Integrated view of organizations; Diagnosis and Action Plans; and Phases of Life and Leadership. In addition, a round of talk shows was held with some of the leaders in order to exchange experiences and make the meeting even more interactive.

We also celebrated the closing of the third edition of Raízen Generation, our career acceleration program. Over the course of 18 months, participants had the opportunity to develop a systemic view of production processes, as well as topics related to people management, costs and investments, and behavioral modules, among others. At the end of the period, technical projects applicable to the business were presented, focusing on efficiency, safety, process improvement and cost reduction.

In order to invest in the future of senior employees, we also launched the pilot program called + Energia Para o Futuro (+ Energy for the Future). The initiative had the participation of 20 employees over the age of 50, who received advice on how to build career and life plans. The first phase consisted of workshops and dynamics to stimulate self-knowledge and reflection on choices and decision-making, and the second phase consisted of online workshops on financial planning, health and career alternatives.

More information on professional training can be found here. |GRI 205-2, 404-1, 404-3|

Recognition and engagement

In August 2018, through initiatives such as the Brasileirão and the Agricultural Business Journey, we took to Germany the 17 best-performing managers and supervisors in the previous crop year. For 2018/2019, the competition received a new name and format - EAB Cup - and, for the first time, gathered the areas of Safety, Agricultural Businesses, Agriculture and Industry. Each team competed against each other and, on a monthly basis, the best were recognized. In the end, outstanding employees had the opportunity to watch the Champions League finals.

In order to integrate the internal audience and the network of partner service stations, we hosted two editions of the Shell V-Power Day, which led employees to experience a different day at a Shell station. The action was carried out in 147 service stations of 96 cities all over Brazil.

Shell V-Power Day*

Evolution from 39.4% to 46.4% in Shell V-Power sales.


Increase from 413 to 532 in the number of Shell Box transactions.

*Results compared to the day before the action, held on 8/24/2018.


We encourage our team to give their best to the communities around our operations, through several annual campaigns:

Loyal Friend | Encourages employees to contribute to social projects registered with the Fund for Children and Adolescents (FIA) through Income Tax resources. In 2018, we broke the record in the number of collections, with more than BRL 140,000. Since 2012, our team has donated more than BRL 600,000.

Winter Clothing Drive | We collected more than 31,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, coats and blankets to warm the winter of people served by partner institutions. Since 2011, when we started the campaign, more than 200,000 pieces have been donated.

Be Santa for Someone | With the participation of employees from 24 units, 19 terminals, three offices and three airports, more than 6,000 children were benefited in 49 cities, totaling more than 30,000 Christmas letters since 2011.

Children's hygiene | Collection of more than 3,200 children's hygiene products for foster homes in nine locations where we operate.

Used toys | Collection of approximately 1,000 toys to form playrooms at institutions in six cities where we operate.

In addition to the campaigns, in the 2018/2019 crop year, we had over 400 employees who directly engaged in 26 volunteer actions in partner institutions, benefiting nearly 15,000 people.

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