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Being increasingly admired by the market is the result of the work of our entire team.

We ended the 2019/2020 harvest with around 29,000 talented people on our team 9 , for whom we seek to promote an ethical, inclusive, safe, and innovative work environment that is conducive to the continuous development of behavioral and professional skills. |GRI 102-7|

With each harvest, we reinforce our image as an employer brand. We are the only energy sector company among the companies where Brazilians most want to work, according to the LinkedIn Top Companies 2019 ranking, where we ranked seventh on the list. The survey considers the activity in the last year of the more than 610 million users of the social network to identify the companies in which they would most like to work, addressing interest in the company, interaction with employees, demand for the position, and employee retention. With more than 30 million corporate pages registered on LinkedIn, the analysis is made using the LinkedIn Talent Insights tool.

More information about our team is detailed in the Indicators Handbook, available here . |GRI 102-8, 401-1, 401-3, 404-1, 404-3, 405-1, 406-1|

9 Given the recent acquisition of the operation, employees in Argentina have not yet been included.

... diverse talent...

We are a Brazilian company and we want our team to reflect all the diversity that enriches national culture. To this end, we work under the guidance of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which brings together leaders and employees from different areas and hierarchical levels in the development of actions, policies, and procedures that expand diversity in our staff.

Our leaders are trained to tackle unconscious biases in decision making. In addition, we have instituted the guideline of involving the same proportion of candidates of both genders in the final stages of hiring.

We also implemented the 180-day maternity leave as an extension of the term provided by law (120 days) and breastfeeding rooms for employees who return from leave. In our compensation, benefits, and training practices, we seek equality between genders. As a result, there is a female presence at all hierarchical levels, and we are making a conscious effort to further increase this representation.

In 2019/2020, in partnership with ImpulsoBeta, we promoted the second edition of the Women in Agro Conference in Araraquara (SP). This event connects talents and promotes knowledgeable, inspiring debate among women working in agribusiness. Click here to learn more.

For us, developing this topic creates value, and this is reinforced by the Future of Women at Work survey, conducted by the McKinsey consultancy and based on 700 publicly traded companies in six countries in Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Argentina). The study shows that a moderate advance in gender equality in the private, public, and social sectors could add US$ 12 trillion to the global economy by 2025.

Externally, we also joined the Movimento Mulher 360 (360 Women's Movement), a group of more than 50 large companies committed to diversity and expanding female participation in the corporate environment.

In order to promote ethnic-racial diversity on our team, this year we entered into a partnership with EmpregueAfro, a human resources consultancy, aiming to attract professionals to the Raízen 2020 Talents Program (learn more here ).

We also have initiatives in place to include People with Disabilities (PwD) that are constantly opening new jobs in our locations and updating our database of résumés for quick access when opportunities arise.

... that make a difference

Our RAIZ |GRI 102-16|

We share principles related to Our RAIZ (ROOT): a strong culture focused on connecting and developing diverse people who work with ethics, safety, innovation, and energy to make a difference. It is a way of being that is born from the inside out and reveals itself in our daily behaviors.


We are always looking for talented people willing to do their best and who want to be part of a dynamic and continuous learning environment. The doors to our team are open to trainees, interns, and apprentices who are recruited and selected from our Talent Program, which has four modalities: Trainee, Internship, Summer Internship, and Apprentice.

The trainee program, intended for professionals with up to two years of undergraduate education in any field of knowledge, is designed to boost careers toward the top. Challenges are aimed at expanding the potential of participants in problem solving, building relationships, and viewing our business strategically. In July 2019, we formed a group with more than 15 trainees who underwent online and classroom training and received mentoring from our leaders. The classroom modules totaled 152 hours of training and qualification, covering collaborative work, innovation, and leadership, among other topics. Nearly 60% of those who completed the course already hold leadership positions on our team.

The internship program, on the other hand, selects students from all undergraduate courses who are expected to complete their education within two years (or three, in the case of five-year courses). The development program includes classroom instruction and online modules dealing with topics and behaviors set out in Nossa RAIZ (Our ROOT) and technical skills at work. In addition, our interns are responsible for managing Liga Raiz , an initiative inspired by the Jr. Company model, intended to strengthen relationships with students from colleges across Brazil.

For students with lots of energy who do not want to waste time, we also offer a two-month summer internship. It is the ideal option for those who study in institutions far from our offices but want to expand their academic training with an experience on our team. A total of 314 interns trained with us during the past crop year, 207 of whom were hired after completing the initiative.

Our Talent Program also promotes social and professional development of young people between 16 and 22 years of age 10 who are enrolled in high school and/or vocational training courses offered by partner training institutions. This is the apprentice program that we developed based on the Law of Learning (Law 10,097/2000). The strategy includes establishing partnerships with the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI) and other Non-Profit Entities (ESFL) 11 to expand the offering of professional courses, especially in the regions where we operate and have few training institutions.

Special mention should be given to the development of the Maintenance Mechanic of Agricultural Machines and Heavy Vehicles vocational course, in partnership with the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI), which started to be offered in 2019 at facilities of the Guariba Unit. The training prepares young people for preventive and corrective maintenance in heavy vehicles, such as tractors and combines, in addition to mechanized agricultural machines and systems. The course also integrates extracurricular activities, taught by supervisors on our team, and includes occupational safety practices and hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance. In total, 32 young people are already attending classes, which will be completed in two years, and those who are approved will receive certificates and will be eligible to join our team.

In 2019/2020, the selection process for the Talent Program had more than 500 openings for our offices, distribution terminals, and bases in airports and plants in several areas, including production of ethanol, sugar and bioenergy, logistics, fuel distribution, human resources, legal, finance, and information technology.

A new development this period was the 1st Talent Fair, which we held on LinkedIn. At the beginning of the harvest, our professionals talked about several topics concerning their activities and the sugar-energy sector in video lectures, aired during the first weeks of April 2019 on that social network. Subsequently, all material was made available on our pages on LinkedIn ( here) and on YouTube ( here ).

To select candidates for other opportunities on our team, we have the Talent Attraction Platform in place, a tool that makes the selection process even more transparent, since it mediates the relationship between applicants and recruiters in all phases.

10 In hiring for distribution terminals, airport, and industry bases, the minimum age requirement is 18. Some courses offered by partner training institutions also require the apprentice to be 18.
11 Apprentice contract management agencies.

Training and development

In 2019, we held the 1st edition of Raízen Week, an initiative created to disseminate knowledge in the corporate environment. A total of 22 lectures were given on topics such as innovation, sustainability, project management, digital media, and ethics.

The approach was designed to stimulate discussion on current issues, train the team on different management techniques, and strengthen the dialogue between employees and senior management, who shared their professional experiences.

The event had more than 600 registrants for on-site participation in the corporate offices in São Paulo (SP) and Piracicaba (SP), and more than 6,400 accesses via streaming over the internet from other locations in Brazil (production units, distribution terminals, and other offices).

Raízen Week was an initiative by Raízen University, the branch that integrates all our learning actions, with a view to enhancing business results through the development of people on our team.

Raízen University is organized into six academies, which are divided into schools to further advance knowledge on topics that must be addressed based in the development path of each employee. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Ethics, Sustainability, and Nossa RAIZ, however, are prerequisites for everyone!

The framework also has the Continuing Education Center in place, which offers opportunities for continuous improvement of the team, such as behavioral skills, technical skills, and tools associated with methodologies and projects, information technology, grants for language schools, and academic incentives. The Knowledge Disseminators Center also promotes management and sharing of knowledge through internal multipliers (train the trainers). Currently, around 50% of development actions are conducted by an internal audience.

More information about professional training is detailed in the Indicator Handbook, available here . |GRI 205-2, 404-1, 404-3|

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