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We’re the Raízen Foundation, ia nonprofit organization that for 20 years has supported the education of disadvantaged children and youth.

Our energy activates the present for the future of all through programs that offer education and promote socio-emotional skills, allowing more and more people to dream, achieve, and take charge of their own journeys.


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Mônica Maria Mellão Silveira Mello Founder

I am happy and grateful to see Raízen Foundation's journey in 2021, marked by achievements that consolidated the review of its operating model in 2018.”

We want to continue to create a better future for children and youth, and count on the support of our network of partners on this journey, to whom I am grateful for the results described in this report.”

Paula Carvalho Benevides Chief Executive Officer



A program aimed at the full development of early childhood, with full-time regular education and complementary activities.
More than 220 children served each year in Jaú (SP).
Restructured spaces, in line with the new teaching approach, allowing for experimentation and exploration.
Interaction with nature is also one of the pillars of the methodology adopted. With our vegetable garden, for example, we provide a connection with nature while encouraging healthier eating habits.
Always focused on excellence, we used a seven-pillar school self-assessment methodology that involved different stakeholders.
We move forward following our ambition to become a reference in Early Childhood Education. To this end, we have shared our methodology through workshops with the municipal boards of education of Morro Agudo, Brotas, Barra Bonita, and Jaú.
We motivate youth to discover their calling and professional paths, encouraging them to stay in school and continue learning throughout life.
After the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, the physical Centers also started to offer the program in a hybrid format, which is replicated outside our own spaces through strategic partnerships in public schools.
In 2021, in addition to our six Centers that implement the initiative, 18 more locations were reached, nine of which are new territories where Raízen operates, and a total of 1,459 students from 79 public schools in Brazil completed their studies.
This reinforces Ativa Juventude's calling as a scalable program, with measurable results and a positive social impact which, with the support of partners and a business network committed to the future, could become a reality for a greater number of people.
Our plan is for an additional 2,583 people to complete the program next year, which should be extended to another 20 municipalities in addition to those already served. We therefore continue with the goal of transforming at least 10,000 lives by 2024.
I learned about Ativa Juventude when I was in the 9th grade at the Centro de Estudos e Aperfeiçoamento do Saber (CEAS), and I was immediately very curious about the name of the program and how it could help me plan for my future. I participated in the activities in the hybrid format, with some of the activities carried out remotely, and I found it very interesting that, despite the distance, I felt very close to the other people. It was definitely a fun and unforgettable experience! I will always take with me the lesson that we must never give up on our dreams and our goals.
Sabrina Santos Nascimento de Lima
Student in São Francisco do Conde – BA
O Ativa Juventude foi apresentado pela diretora da minha escola, na época em que eu estava retornando para as aulas presenciais. Conforme fui conhecendo o modelo do programa, minhas expectativas foram elevadas. Mesmo nas atividades remotas, a educadora foi muito atenciosa com toda a minha turma, o que fez com que eu me sentisse acolhido por ela. Com essa experiência, aprendi que, no futuro, eu preciso ter foco. Antes do programa eu não tinha muito apego ao estudo e hoje vejo que preciso estudar para realizar o meu sonho de ser médico – cardiologista ou neurologista.”

Carlos Matheus Guimarães
aluno de Santarém – PA


We reaffirm our commitment to transparency by publishing, for the second consecutive year, the progress of our programs conducted throughout 2021.
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