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We want to develop creative responses to the challenges of our sectors. We stand out in the production of electricity from biomass and of second-generation ethanol (E2G), among other projects that aim to put us at the forefront.

Raízen Ventures |GRI 103-2|

Since 2011, when we began our activities, we have sought to develop projects with the potential to put us at the forefront.

To strengthen this performance, in 2017/2018 we created Raízen Ventures, focusing on business innovation, based on two pillars: meeting current and future needs, transforming ideas into business models with agility; and developing and promoting innovation culture among our team.

With Raízen Ventures, we are prepared for the future, since the structure allows us to improve the alignment between our projects and our strategy, as well as to increase the synergy between the other initiatives we develop.



In August, we inaugurated an innovation hub to host startups aimed toward disruptive solutions that may boost our business. At Pulse, in Piracicaba (SP), we will stimulate the circulation of studies, information, projects, and events, in order to develop ideas.

With the support of SP Ventures and Nxtp.Labs, in addition to other partnerships, we offer opportunities for startups seeking market expansion and/or acceleration. To provide the necessary support for developing these innovations, we are conducting pilot tests in our production units.

The focus of the first cycle is agribusiness, with future expansion to other areas that involve our business. To this end, we selected companies that work in the areas of digital solutions for financial operations, aerial application of inputs, technology in soil analysis, artificial intelligence, and differentiated solutions for pest control.

Over 400 startups registered, and approximately 70 were selected for a more detailed presentation and, finally, 12 were chosen for Pitch Day, where representatives from each had five minutes to present their proposals and convince the panel of the potential of their projects.

Among the criteria considered to select the companies were entrepreneur ability, project maturity, and potential scalability in the market.

Learn more about the companies selected at www.pulsehub.com.br.


Pentágono (Pentagon) ─ an initiative developed in 2015 to unify the monitoring of our operations through the Agro-industrial Integration Center (CIA - Central de Integração Agroindustrial) ─ expanded its scope at the end of 2017/2018, assuming the challenge of working in the areas of maintenance and soil preparation.

In this new phase, CIA maintains the role of supporting operations in standardizing processes, acting in direct communication, uninterrupted (24x7) and in real time with all units.

Second-generation ethanol (E2G) |GRI 103-2|

We stand out in the production of second-generation ethanol (E2G), a key technology for the evolution of the energy matrix and for the global low-carbon economy, in line with the goals established at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2015 (COP21).

This is because the operations for E2G production ─ already integrated into our Costa Pinto unit ─ result in less emissions compared to traditional processes.

In addition, the new biofuel has the potential to increase our ethanol production capacity by up to 50% with the same planted area. We are currently able to turn a ton of dry biomass into about 211 liters of ethanol, with the goal of achieving productivity of 290 liters.

Biogas |GRI 103-2|

Since April 2016, when we won the 23rd New Energy Auction of the National Electricity Agency (ANEEL - Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica), we developed a project to produce biogas from industrial waste (filter cake and vinasse) to generate energy.

The initiative is under development at the Bonfim unit in Guariba, Araraquara region (SP). When completed, the plant will have 21 MW of installed capacity and the production capacity will be 62 million Nm³.

Biogas from vinasse


Inovar 2.0 Program

The second edition of the Inovar program challenged employees to seek creative and innovative solutions to improve our processes or create business. Managers of participants were invited to join the teams to improve the projects.





The ideas aimed to increase the efficiency of our processes, improve quality, reduce costs and even develop new business. The edition also promoted diversity in the composition of the teams, which significantly increased the quality of the finalist ideas. Benefits went beyond the activities in our business areas (agricultural, industrial and commercial), including administrative processes.

Some projects provide qualitative returns, while others may result in gains of up to BRL 70 million over five years.

Below, learn about the award-winning initiatives of the Inovar 2.0 Program:

1st PLACE – ATENA PROJECT | Consumer empowerment in fighting illegal fuel.

2nd PLACE – MAX POWER | Use of artificial intelligence with a focus on increasing efficiency in our industrial process, aligned with the Industry 4.0 concepts.

3rd PLACE – SMART GRID | Intelligent, predictive and proactive management of our dealers' stocks