Shell Box is our main ally in this regard. Through the platform, our consumers can make payments at Shell service stations and Shell Select convenience stores in a way that is 100% digital, fast and without physical contact, since there is no need to swipe cards or have contact with card machines. All customers need to do is register via the app and choose their preferred payment method (credit card, digital wallet such as Mercado Pago or PayPal, or even cash) to have a differentiated fueling experience at Shell service stations.

The tool consolidates the calendar of promotions, awards, and other conveniences, such as the accumulation of points that can be redeemed for Smiles miles or discounts on fueling. Customers can also use benefits from partners integrated with other apps such as PagBank, Mercado Pago, Banco Inter, Porto Seguro, PayPal, PicPay, Esfera, Zul+, Smiles, and 99, which offer discounts, cashback, miles, and fuel vouchers.

This requires downloading the partners' app in a smartphone and choosing Shell Box on the payment button. The process includes entering the code that appears on the pump and completing the purchase. Shell Box is the only fueling solution on the market that fully integrates with other apps, and it is available throughout Brazil at around 3,500 Shell service stations and 500 Shell Select convenience stores.

In early 2021, PicPay, the largest digital wallet in the country, launched a feature in its app that enables fuel payments at Shell gas stations with all the convenience and security of Shell Box integrated with the super app. Customers will receive 10% cashback (capped at R$10.00) on their first nine refuelings when paying with Shell Box on PicPay.

Another notable partnership was established between Shell Box and the Banco Inter app. When fueling with Shell Box through the partner's platform, customers receive 2% cashback on any fuel (regular or premium). The amount is credited directly to the customer's account.

To improve our relationship with customers at every harvest and add even more simplicity to the daily routine of our sales teams, in 2020/2021 we continue with the expansion of 360, the commercial platform that integrates our digital strategy. During the crop year, the entire Commercial Sales team, including B2B and Aviation, started using the tool, which was previously only available to the Retail team. In addition, we made progress in simplifying processes and service interfaces through our Shared Service Center. With the integration of all professionals, the next step will be to intensify analytics for the adoption of better business decisions, turning data and comparative performances into opportunities. In this way, we will continue to get smarter and to get even closer to our customers.

These moves reinforce our connectivity with the trends and demands of the new generation of consumers. To ensure value delivery to customers and continuous improvement of products and services, we are supported by our Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE), composed of professionals responsible for promoting organizational change and driving the adoption of Lean-Agile in all processes.

In Argentina, we have taken significant steps toward digital transformation through an integrative program of ideas and technology focused on providing value to our processes and customers. One of the main goals is to change the way we work, from manually generating information to investing this time in analyzing and interpreting the data for decision making and working toward measurable results.

The plan includes projects aimed at different business areas, such as the pilot project of Shell Box in the Shell service station network in Argentina and the implementation of our CSonline, an app that is already widely used in Brazil, which allows customers to place orders for fuel and lubricant, open requests during a conversation with the attendant, ask about and change orders, track deliveries, and receive information about the operation of the bases, among other exclusive features. The system makes it possible to chat directly with the attendant, avoiding the need to contact the Center and speeding up the day-to-day life of the customers. The tool was implemented in Argentina’s operations in July 2020, and in just under eight months, 96% of our customers in Argentina were already being registered digitally.

In the industry, the program that integrates ideas and technology has also enabled the implementation of Olho Digital (Digital Eye), a voice-controlled device used in helmets for 100% safe work in the field, with an adapted interface to what is being seen without interfering in the real world. The technology allows us to remotely monitor workers' learning closely, securely, and accurately with support from remote experts. In this way, we have transformed our processes, optimizing time and filming the training while using digitalization to ensure people's safety.

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