Biofuels, bioelectricity, advanced biofuels, renewable energies, and bioproducts are part of what we believe is the present and future of energy.

in 2020/2021

61.5 million tons of sugarcane crushed

Adjusted EBITDA of R$2.2 Billion

R$ 12.4 billion ETHANOL

R$ 2.1 billion ELECTRICITY

marketing & services

We are also present in logistics at terminals and ports to access global markets, all the way to customers being able to make payments right in the palm of their hands at Shell service stations, from end to end.

in 2020/2021

Adjusted EBITDA of R$ 2.7 Billion

Recovery of demand for fuel in Brazil and Argentina


With each harvest, we reinforce our commitment to be close to people because we understand that consumer habits change with time.

in 2020/2021

Net addition of 117 Select convenience stores


We are the number 1 player in sugar production and sales in the world.

in 2020/2021

8.3 million tons of sugar equivalent


Adjusted EBITDA of R$1.7 billion

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