The integrated chain, used for renewable products, also strengthens our presence in another market in which we have a significant share. Annually, we produce thousands of tons of sugar of practically all types available on the market: liquid, refined, and crystals, in addition to high polarized sugar (VHP), the type most exported by Brazil, which can be used as raw material for refining and several other applications.

We work to continuously improve our systems and optimize logistical operations. For this reason, we have personalized our customer service, especially in order to guarantee the quality and integrity of the product during the trip from the mill to delivery. In addition, we are in compliance with international sustainability standards. We were the first company in the world to be certified according to the Bonsucro standard, an international and voluntary recognition dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of the sugar, ethanol, and bioenergy sector. The standard consists of a rigorous external audit process to ensure compliance with the highest environmental, social, and economic criteria for the cultivation and processing of sugarcane and its by-products. Currently, we have 22 certified bioenergy parks, and our goal is to extend the standard to 100% of our assets (To learn more, click here). In addition, we are part of the Members Council, an international association whose aim is to reduce negative social and environmental impacts (and enhance positive ones) in the production of sugarcane through an internationally recognized standard. Other certifications held by our plants are also related to the ESG topic: ISCC and ISCC Plus, which ensure compliance with European Union parameters for sustainable production in the Renewable Energy Directive; Sedex Global, a platform that allows for storing, sharing, and communicating production and quality information; and ISO 14001, which certifies our environmental management system. In addition, our white sugar units are FSSC22000 certified, which guarantees the food safety standards for our product. Overall, we also have ISO9001 certifications in all units, ISO45001 (Maracaí Unit), ISO17025 (soil laboratory - Bonfim Unit), Kosher, Halal, and Renovabio. |GRI 102-12, 102-13|

All these certifications are part of the Raízen Quality as a Competitive Differentiator Program. This work relies on a series of internal and external actions that support quality as a differentiator for our customers and the market as a whole. We make strong efforts to continuously improve and reduce complaints from our customers and to further strengthen our relationship with them through proactive visits, improvement, and transparency in our day-to-day interactions. This work has provided loyalty, new contracts, and consistent satisfaction.

Our customers include the country's largest brands in various segments, such as food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Through these segments, we are in people's day-to-day lives, whether in the sugar in their morning coffee, in their children's cough syrup, or in the dessert they serve to celebrate a special day.

In 2020/2021, sugar sales almost tripled compared to the previous harvest, reflecting the greater availability of our own product due to the combination of increased crushing and higher ATR (Total Recoverable Sugar - per ton of sugarcane crushed, in kilos)—and a higher volume of sugar origination that is in line with our expansion plan on this front and with our commercial strategy, capturing better prices (R$ 1,549 per ton) for sugar sales.

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