Honesty, integrity, safety, respect for people, and sustainability are the starting points for our relationships. We also believe in the importance of trust, teamwork, transparency, and professionalism. These principles are our reference for all our journeys.

We have internal policies in place that help define responsibilities and identify risks. These are guidelines and processes related to fighting corruption, competition compliance, dialogue with public administration, social performance (donations, sponsorship, and social investments), relationship with associations and unions, and intellectual property, among others. |GRI 102-16|

Our Code of Conduct clearly communicates the principles and values we share with managers, employees, and business partners. It covers individual and managerial responsibilities, public relations principles, ethics in competition, zero tolerance for acts that can be considered bribery or corruption, and conflicts of interest, among other topics (see more here). |GRI 102-16|

It is expected that each professional’s behavior should be conscientious and ethical and strictly follow the guidelines set out in the institutional documents. For this reason, an intense training agenda was set up throughout the crop year. The alignment of the conduct expected from business partners was further reinforced by communications, in addition to contractual clauses, according to the operation in which they are involved.

We understand that reporting improper situations and conduct is the responsibility of all and that it preserves our reputation; therefore, employees are advised to seek advice from immediate superiors or representatives of the Compliance area whenever they have questions and to pay attention to communications and training on this topic. We also have an Ethics Channel that can be reached by phone in Brazil (0800-772-4936) and in Argentina (0800-345-4327) or through the link canalconfidencial.com.br/raizen. In line with the best governance practices, contacts are registered by an independent company, which ensures full confidentiality and anonymous communications. Subsequently, the reports filed are monitored by the Compliance area in conjunction with Internal Controls and audits (internal and external), which then forward them for proper handling. More information is available here. |GRI 102-17|

Employees who violate the Code of Conduct or any laws or internal policies are subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment. In the case of third parties, a violation can lead to termination of the business relationship.

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