With an irreplicable business model, our purpose is to provide the energy society needs today and develop new forms of energy for the future, always aiming for a gradual and sustainable energy transition that contributes to a low-carbon economy.

The starting point is our raw material—sugarcane—used to produce sugar, ethanol, and bioelectricity. We also invest continuously in solutions based on renewable sources, such as solar and biomass, and we distribute and market fuels licensed under the Shell brand, supplying a network of service stations, bases at airports, and B2B customers in Brazil and Argentina. Operations also include the Shell Select convenience stores and Grupo Nós' OXXO proximity markets. |GRI 102-2|

Our operation is anchored on three pillars that ensure the synergy of all our businesses:

With net operating revenue of R$114.6 billion in 2020/2021, we have more than 30,000 employees in Brazil and Argentina, as well as partnerships with sugarcane producers, carriers, and resellers, generating income and boosting the economy. We also include social performance as part of our strategy; through the Raízen Foundation, we support children and youth in socially vulnerable situations in finding their own paths. Alongside these stakeholders, we overcame challenges and acquired much learning, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the priorities of governments, companies, and individuals and revealed the need to reinvent ourselves. |GRI 102-7, 102-8|

Creating value for shareholders, employees, suppliers, and customers and establishing solid partnerships. |GRI 102-4, 102-6|


10 years: our history GRI 102-4, 102-6

2011/2012 Harvest

We started our activities after the integration of Shell and Cosan's businesses, and one of our main goals was for Brazilian sugarcane ethanol to be recognized as a renewable fuel alternative around the world. To this end, we became the first company in the world to have a production unit certified by Bonsucro. Other highlights were the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) registrations for ethanol production units and the establishment of the trading business. We also expanded the distribution infrastructure, with new terminals and more logistical structure to transport fuels throughout Brazil.

2012/2013 Harvest

We certified three additional units with the Bonsucro seal and launched the Cultivar Program aiming to provide benefits for our sugarcane suppliers, such as technical knowledge, credit facilities, and a reduction in the cost of inputs. Strong investments were also made in logistics, reflected mainly in the opening of the first ethanol pipeline dedicated exclusively to the transportation of ethanol. We also consolidated the Raízen Foundation, through which we started to invest in cultural, social, educational, and professional programs in communities near our operations.

2013/2014 Harvest

We reached the mark of 5,000 Shell service stations, initiated the activities of the Porto Nacional terminal, and performed a historical issuance of Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables (CRA - Certificados de Recebíveis do Agronegócio).

2014/2015 Harvest

We began activities at the first second-generation ethanol (E2G) plant. We were one of the first companies in the world to operationalize the production of this new biofuel. We also launched the ELO Program in partnership with the NGO Solidaridad and the Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Management and Certification (Imaflora). The purpose of the initiative was to share good sustainability practices with sugarcane suppliers. During the period, we also opened the Porto Nacional (TO) and Rondonópolis (MT) terminals.

2015/2016 Harvest

The E2G production unit, located in Piracicaba (SP), obtained the Bonsucro seal. Also, for the first time, we marketed VHP (Very High Polarization) sugar under this certification. The harvest was also marked by the first external verification of the ELO Program, conducted by Imaflora, on the farms of our sugarcane suppliers. Our market share in the fuels segment reached a historical mark of 27.4%. We also implemented our Criticality Tool, which assesses the risks and opportunities for social investment and engagement with stakeholders in each location.

2016/2017 Harvest

We issued our first bonds in the international market and invested in infrastructure and logistics to enhance operational capacity and leverage efficiency, with special emphasis on the beginning of activities at the Marabá (PA) terminal. We reached the mark of more than 6,000 Shell gas stations and launched Shell Box, providing consumers with a 100% digital and secure payment method and access to exclusive promotions. In agribusiness, we advanced in precision technology and image processing, centralizing the control of all our operations—industrial and agricultural. With a focus on social performance, we acquired a system to improve the monitoring and effectiveness of sponsorship and social investment projects.

2017/2018 Harvest

Shell V-Power, a new generation of premium gasoline with Shell's unique technology that improves vehicle performance and efficiency, was launched in Brazil. We also created Pulse, our innovation hub to leverage opportunities in our operations in partnership with startups.

2018/2019 Harvest

We announced our joint venture with WX Energy, marking our entry into the trading of energy in the free market. We also crossed borders, acquiring Shell's assets in Argentina. Internally, we reformulated Raízen University, aiming to expand the training of the entire team—from operations to leadership—and we created our Raízen Volunteers in Action (VOAR - Voluntários em Ação Raízen) program.

2019/2020 Harvest

We opened our first photovoltaic panel plant in Piracicaba (SP), marking our entry into the Distributed Generation market. We also celebrated our victory in one of the new energy auctions (A-6) with a project that aims to generate even more bioenergy, among other achievements that diversify our integrated energy portfolio. Together with Femsa Comércio, we created Grupo Nós, aiming to boost our share in the convenience store business at service stations, under the Shell Select brand, and proximity stores, under the OXXO brand.

2020/2021 Harvest

We started operations at our biogas plant in Guariba (SP) with an installed capacity of 21 MW, and we integrated Biosev's assets in a transaction that strictly followed our principles of capital discipline. In doing so, we consolidated our position as a unique, irreplicable, integrated platform for businesses that continue to redefine the future of energy.

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