Other Channels

Other Channels

Here you will find other channels of brands and services that are part of Raízen.

Shell Website

As a licensee of the Shell brand Raízen has more than 6,000 service stations throughout the country. At Shell stations, drivers are greeted by skilled and attentive staff who serve an average of 1.5 million customers per day.

Sugarcane Suppliers Portal

Are you a supplier of Raízen sugarcane? Access the Supplier Portal and access contract services and information.    

Engineering Portal

The new Engineering Portal has all the information that vendors, employees, and re-sellers need. Log in for access.

Raízen Service Providers and Suppliers Portal

Tips, information, and registrations database for those who already are, or want to be, Raízen suppliers. Register

Raízen Dealer Portal

Are you a Raízen dealer? Access the Dealer Portal and have first-hand information on products, services and promotions, and exclusive tools to track the performance of your service stations. The Shell brand is licensed to Raízen.