Climate Change

Climate Change

The Planet's climate change is a result of the intensification of human activities and the increase of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). As a consequence, the issue has gained relevance and there are good public and private practices in managing these emissions, a market scenario called Low Carbon Economy. We have invested in increasing our presence in the bioproducts market allowing us to stand out and favor the business's sustainable development, aligning with these new trends that together with our vigorous emissions management has brought opportunities.

Our Emissions

Since our inception, we have quantified and managed Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from our activity by conducting our annual emissions inventory. We follow The Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines, and its national version, the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program to make this possible. By doing so, we can map where our major and minor impacts are and evaluate where to apply more or less of our energy.

Climate Change Management

Due to the intensification of human activities and their emissions, the planet suffers climate changes resulting in numerous negative impacts. In order to manage these negative impacts, a low carbon economy emerges, consisting of a new market behavior, in both B2B and B2C, which brings greater visibility and social demand of products that generate fewer environmental impacts, such as bioproducts. We have diversified our portfolio of bioproducts, with processes such as bioenergy generation and the E2G production using biomass, in line with these market trends. This contributes to lower emission levels in our whole operation. At the same time, we have carried out rigorous emissions management, which has brought several opportunities for the company to stand out by favoring the sustainable development of the business.