Third Party Policies and Procedures

Third Party Policies and Procedures

These are the policies and procedures that must be known and enforced by our partners and future partners. These documents show what is expected regarding ethics and transparency in the conduct of activities, establishing a solid partnership that values the legitimacy of business.

Intellectual Property Policy

Raízen's Intellectual Property Policy (IP) introduces general rules on intellectual property and aims to educate its employees about the management of the topic when they are involved in projects, research, products, and other actions that result in creations that may be protected and registered.

 The company has pre-established institutional criteria on the process of obtaining IP, which may occur before, during, and after research and development, as applicable. In addition, the Policy establishes rules for protecting results, as well as for the management and transfer of rights over intellectual creation.

Competitive Compliance Policy

The Competitive Compliance Policy allows the identification of the risks to which the company is exposed as a result of its commercial activities, as well as the determination of the best practices to be adopted in the competitive field.

 The evolution of inspections provides legal certainty in the design of commercial practices, and promotes healthy competitiveness for the market and the consumer. Such a Policy aims to ensure that Raízen will conduct its activities in full compliance with the general principles of competition (antitrust), as well as in accordance with the rules that appear from the Brazilian System of Antitrust Law.

Public Administration/Public Agent Interlocution Policy

Raízen is committed to maintaining the highest standard of Ethical Conduct, in full compliance with the laws in each of the markets in which it operates. Based on these terms, the Public Administration/Public Agent Interlocution Policy is intended to supplement the Code of Conduct and establish guidelines compatible with the principles of conformity that should guide the ethical conduct of Employees in the relationship with Public Power and with Public Agents, Brazilian or foreign.

Occupational Health Policy – Alcohol and Drugs

The objective of the Occupational Health Policy – Alcohol and Drugs is to ensure a safe, productive, and healthy environment for all by engaging employees, service providers, service providers, product suppliers, and business partners to prevent alcohol and drug abuse, without prescription, recognizing that the use of these substances interferes with attention and ability, and can alter people's behavior, causing unsafe and life threatening acts.

Information Security Policy

The Information Security Policy is a formal statement of Raízen's commitment to the protection of information owned and/or held by the company and must be complied with by all of its employees, service providers, product suppliers, and business partners.

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy (HSE)

The HSE Policy (Health, Safety and Environment) is embedded in the way we conduct our business. It is part of our respect for life culture that we operate in an ethical, safe, and environmentally sustainable way, and we, therefore, expect every person within the organization to show personal commitment to behavior consistent with a safe environment.

Supplier Manual

We believe that our suppliers are key players in our growth and success. In order to create a partnership relation and facing an increasingly demanding market, it is necessary that our partners have clear procedures and policies in our Supplier Manual, aiming at a transparent commercial relationship, with the objective of constructing measurable actions and results together.

Term of General Conditions Clauses for the Supply of Goods and Services (TGC)

To ensure the proper use of Raízen's information and to prevent accidents or inadequate working conditions that may cause damage to the environment and property, or that may be harmful to both company personnel, the general public and suppliers, any and all supplies of goods and/or performed services contracted between Raízen and its contractors are subject to the clauses and conditions set out in this file.

Contractors' Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Guide

The Contractors' HSE Guide presents the mandatory accident prevention requirements that apply to contractors providing services to Raízen, either on Company premises or under their responsibility. The requirements established herein apply according to the risk level of the activity to be performed, and must be followed in addition to the rules and regulations established in the legislation.

Freight Transport Companies' Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Guide

In order to meet the cargo transportation operations for the mills, Raízen maintains contracts with transport companies, which must establish policies, set expectations, and provide the resources for the success of the cargo transportation operations detailed in this Freight Transport Companies' HSE Guide. Ensuring the integrity of operations requires leadership and visible commitment from the management of the company providing the service, as well as responsibility at all levels (e.g., drivers).

Sustainability Policy

For Raízen, sustainability is the integration and balance of environmental, economic and social aspects in business management, focused on ensuring the company's competitiveness and longevity, as well as promoting shared value. This policy aims to establish the aspects that guide the company's sustainability strategy, communicate to stakeholders and encourage its value chain, especially business partners, to act in accordance with the guidelines