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We are committed to ethics
in all of our businesses and partnerships.

It is part of our culture, represented by our ROOT (RAIZ). Therefore, we hope that the guidelines of the Code of conduct and internal policies guide your work and relationships to preserve Raízen’s values, principles, and reputation. If necessary, access the Ethics Channel, and file a report of violations or complaint as per the guidelines below:
Know when you should file a report

Know when you should file a report

File a report on our platform when you suspect or have evidence of violations of the Code of Conduct or non-compliance with internal legislation or rules. Every report requires investigation, but before filing one, assess whether it is possible to address the matter with your leadership, People Team, or related departments.
When to file a report

    Incidents that must be reported: 

  • Any type of harassment, whether moral or sexual
  • Favoritism or conflict of interest
  • Sexual relationship or kinship with direct subordination
  • Misuse of company resources
  • Leak or misuse of information
  • Excessive working hours or improper recording of days and hours
  • Tampering or manipulation of data/results
  • Improper payment or receipt
  • Theft, larceny, or diversion of materials
  • Violation of laws in general (labor, environmental, accounting, etc.)
  • Any other cases that violate the company’s Code of Conduct

Know when you should file a complaint

Know when you should file a complaint

A complaint can be filed to present something dissatisfying in the professional environment that does not violate the Code of Conduct, internal rules, or legislation. The issue does not require investigation and is directed to the responsible areas to resolve and deal with in the best manner. 
Know when you should file a complaint


      Incidents that must be filed as a complaint:

  • Infrastructure issues (e.g., facilities, chartered busses, sanitation, cleaning, security)
  • Issues related to partners, except carriers (dealers, providers, purveyors, and material suppliers)
  • Carrier issues (behavior, working hours, documentation, wages, benefits, awards, payments, etc.)
  • HR complaints and doubts (e.g., salary, RSPs, union agreement, benefits, time stamping)
  • Any other issues related to employees, third parties, and business partners


Do you have questions about the Raízen Ethics Channel? Below, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • Who can file a report or complaint?

    Employees, outsourced teams, suppliers, customers, and the community.

  • When should a report be filed?

    The report can be made whenever you deem it necessary. However, please make sure you can talk to your manager or the supervisor responsible for the person being reported in the incident before filing the report.

    If you don’t know whom to speak with, don’t feel comfortable, or want to remain anonymous, report it through the Ethics Channel.

  • When should a complaint be filed?

    The complaint can be filed whenever you deem it necessary. However, unlike the report, it does not need to be a deviation from the Code of Conduct, and the responsible department will address it more simply and directly. Remember that requests can be made directly with the management and by opening a ticket.

  • How can I file a report or complaint?

    Reports and complaints can be made by calling the toll-free number for your country as follows, by e-mail, or through the website:

    Brazil: 0800-772-4936
    Argentina: 0800-345-1701
    United States: 1 (800) 509-4201
    Paraguay: 009-800-120-004
    Switzerland: 0800-898-773

    Other countries can use the website or the e-mail box above.

  • How do I file a report?

    It is essential to describe in detail the events that took place and the people involved in the incident. We recommend gathering as much information about the violation as possible to help with the investigation before reporting the issue and attaching documents that make it easier to understand the report. Check out some examples:

    ● Full name of those involved (complainant and victim) and registration number

    ● Location (plant, terminal, office) and city/state

    ● Witnesses

    ● Dates

    ● Details of the facts

    ● Companies, departments, or areas involved

    ● Documents or contracts related to the breach

    ● Any additional information

    The items above are not mandatory for filing a report, but they help speed up the investigation.

  • What types of attachments can I send in my report?

    You can attach photos, documents, audio or video recordings, or other files that you want in your report.

  • Should I report incidents that do not directly affect me?

    Even if you are directly affected by an incident that violates the Code of Ethics or not, do not ignore it. Please report it to help build and maintain a more ethical environment.