In the search for best practices, acting sustainably contributes to the company's concept of value and guarantees longevity and efficiency in the various areas in which we operate.

Discover our Sustainability Policy

For Raízen, sustainability is the integration and balance of environmental, economic and social aspects in business management, focused on ensuring the company's competitiveness and longevity, as well as promoting shared value. This policy aims to establish the aspects that guide the company's sustainability strategy, communicate to stakeholders and encourage its value chain, especially business partners, to act in accordance with the guidelines.

Public commitments
for 2030

Since the beginning, sustainability is a key part of our business.

Doing more with less, reducing environmental impacts, valuing the quality of life of our team, generating positive impacts on society, and ensuring a circular economy are part of our everyday life.

To reinforce our responsibility to the Sustainability agenda and genuinely demonstrate for all of society what we are doing to contribute to sustainable development, we have defined commitments that should be reached by 2030, contributing to 14 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations (UN).

A new step in Raízen's sustainability journey.

All commitments are based on crop year 18'19.

Climate change and Energy transition

Reducing the carbon footprint of ethanol and sugar by 10%

Water management

Reducing water intake from external sources by 10%

Land use

Increasing the GJ/ha indicator by 15%
Ensuring the traceability of 100% of the volume of crushed cane

Sustainable sugarcane

Ensuring internationally recognized sustainability programs for sugarcane sources
Keeping all units in operation certified to an internationally recognized standard

Human Rights

Promoting advances in the area of human rights in our operations and in our supply chain

Ethics and Compliance

Actively influence our strategic partners to eliminate the risk of violation of Raízen's Ethics and Compliance values

Relationship with surrounding communities

100% of surrounding communities* covered by Raízen Foundation

*if suitable to fit the model

2019/2020 Annual Report

Reaffirming our commitment to transparency, we bring forth our operational, socio-environmental, and financial results recorded of this harvest year.