We are the largest individual sugar exporter on the international market, bringing energy to people around the world. We have reached a leading position in the sugar production sector by investing in research, technology, and the creation of solutions in the segment, as well as establishing partnerships with customers.

We produce thousands of tons of sugars per year, and we have practically all of the varieties on the market in our portfolio. From liquid sugars, refined and crystalline, to organic and VHP (Very High Polarization), the most exported type of sugar in the country, which, as a raw product, can be used as raw material for refining and various other processes.


Raízen warns all clients and the general public that it has been target of several attempts by unauthorized third parties to perform sugar fraudulent exports on its behalf. We emphasize that any negotiation and sale of sugar by Raízen is made exclusively through the e-mail In the event any person and/or company makes contact through other e-mail address informing that he or she represents Raízen and/or any company of Raízen’s economic group, we encourage you not to perform any transaction and immediately report this situation to


On the international market, we invest in raw sugar trading, which will be turned into by-products in industries around the world. We work to continually improve our processes and optimize operational logistics. To do this, we count on customized solutions to attend to each business and guarantee the quality and integrity of the product along the path from the mill to the client. In the same way, we are attentive to international sustainability standards and we have a robust system for quality and safety that guarantees us certifications in all of our units.