Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Circular economics is the recovery, reuse, and recycling of materials and energy. We have adopted this system in our production chain, from sugarcane planting to its by-products in the production of biogas, 2nd-generation ethanol, chemicals, electricity, and even fertilizers, returning to the earth and collaborating for a new harvest, closing the cycle. We believe that better use of natural and financial resources ensures greater efficiency in our processes. It is energy that mobilizes more people and businesses with fewer natural resources.


Water management is a topic of extreme importance for us, especially in our agribusiness activities, in which the use of water is more significant. Therefore, we focused our investments in EAB operations, developing some programs related to the theme, such as the REDUSA program.


The Redusa program is a pioneering initiative in the sugar-energy sector that aims to reduce water consumption and effluent generation. In it, we work on two fronts: the first, focuses on reducing water consumption per ton of ground sugarcane; the second is to reduce the use of cold water in the boilers by reusing hot water. Since its implementation, we were able to capture more than 8 million liters (2.11 million gallons) and, in 2017, we won the Water Retrieval and Reuse award, granted by the São Paulo State Federation of Industries (FIESP). As for energy demand, 93% can be supplied with renewable energy, through the burning of sugarcane bagasse, making our operation self-sufficient, with fossil fuel resources only being used in specific processes.